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December 7 - December 7, 2010 Final Exam: Annihilation...

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December 7, 2010 Final Exam: Annihilation (from battle of Midway on) ALL of With the Old Breed December 15, in this PHYS 112 Big three getting together: Churchill, Roosevelt, and Stalin to talk about where do we go from here? By January 1945, it was pretty clear. Kids were filling the ranks when men fought, German on last legs. What is Europe going to look like? Stalin is in position of power, Roosevelt is dying, and Churchill will be voted out of office. Enormous battle: battle of Curse, biggest tank battle in history; a key battle. Idea is slowly German is falling back in organized fashion. America had a plan called the Morganthall Plan= turn German into a pastoral country. For a while we consider, but it won’t be viable. Rurual country couldn’t cause war, but we need somewhat viable. At Yalta, divide into zones of Occupations and do the same to Berlin. Divide into 4 different zones of occupation. Eventually, East and Western Zones of Berlin. Another decision was to, in Europe, allow the creation of joint governments between democratic and communist governments. Key for Roosevelt was to be Poland, Joint coalition in government in Poland, and then Poland will decide which way to go. There was no guarantees, but Roosevelt could have sold out the US in the Europe. He’s grasping for straws though. Churchill knew he didn’t have a lot of power. So, at Yalta, what is the future of Europe going to look like. Roosevelt= democratic world, Stalin= zones of partitions and interests. So, we have people wrestling with political conflicts. In military, in 1945, it was only going to end with complete distruction of Nazi empire. Kill or arrest Hitler, get rid of all officers. Not 1918 ending, but we must move towards the Rhine river, last natural defense of Germans, and across the North Plains over to Berlin and capture of Hitler and Berlin. On the 15 th , Cologne= west side of Rhine. It’s a key position. On the 7 th , we move across the Rhine right at Ramangen. Allies force their way across, bridge head, move thousands of troops over, and force our way into Germany. Germany had set up things on West of the Rhine. Once Ramangen falls, we move all across the Rhine. At
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December 7 - December 7, 2010 Final Exam: Annihilation...

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