November 2 - November 2 Midway= turning point in Pacific...

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Midway= turning point in Pacific War. Japan will be in the defensive, and US in offensive. Today, I want to talk about turning point in the European War. I want to talk about battle of Stalingrad. Turning point in Europe. Directive 41- April 5, 1942- What is Germany facing with? You’re a head of the German stack and assessing where you’re going to go in a new year. What problems is Germany facing? 1. Labor Shortages 2. Fighting against the Soviet Union (largest army in the world) 3. Fighting against Great Britain (largest empire in the world, with a Navy spread across the world and has access to raw materials 4. Fighting against the United States. (leading economy in the world) How are you going to win the war? Not planning on surrendering 1. Must think and win it fast. 2. You need resources. Directive 41 is the war plan for the upcoming year. In the upcoming year, Germans decide they have to eliminate one of the forces, and the force that posesse the greatest opposition is the Soviet Union. Previous year, the plan is to do everything. Decide to scale down their ambitiouns. Key is to be the south, the caucuse region . 1. Acquire Oil 2. Oil is also important to the Soviet Union and force them to confront the Germans in a major battle (Destruction of the Red Army in a large battle) Big Battle Theory- idea of big battle consumed policy makers. It will have many big battles but not big battle theory battle that the Germans talked about. Battle for all of the marbles, there will be one big battle, and the war will be won on the battle field. The Germans and Japanese could
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November 2 - November 2 Midway= turning point in Pacific...

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