November 11

November 11 - Pushed 1941 Operation Barbarossa brought...

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November 11, 2010 Pushed 1941, Operation Barbarossa, brought slightly more than 5 million more Jews under the Nazi empire. We are significantly talking around slightly 8 million people who are going to be immediately affected. Let’s go way back to the 1920 before Adolf Hitler came to power and Nazi movement was growing and anti-Semitism was a significant part of ideology of Germany. We mentioned last time that anti-Semitism as throughout Europe. Words on buildings, “Juda Berzeda”= Death of Jews. Word that was not used for human beings, but used for the slaughtering of animals. There were some Jewish organizations that supported Nazi ideology b/c there was a conflict between German Jews (very liberal Jews) and the new arrival of Jews from Eastern Europe. German Jews wanted to eliminate the immigration of Jews from Eastern Europe and the Nazi’s agreed with this as well. Hitler: Mein Kampf= wrote about a Jew free Germany and wanted to eliminate Jews from German. It’s out in the open as soon as Hitler is out in the open. His programs and attitudes, ideology is out in the public. April 1, 1933= Hitler calls for a national boycott on all Jewish businesses. Germans do not deal with Jewish businesses. People break into businesses, the idea is that Germans should boycott Jewish stores and businesses. Few weeks later, Hitler states that you can’t work in civil services, no matter how low or how high, can’t work in civil services. Jews eliminated in boxing, and the sport society. We also see elimination of Jews from banks, stock exchange, major professions, journalists, and medical professions. Eliminate Jews from politics, economy, eliminate Jews from social, political, cultureal, economomial rife of the economy. First phase of anti-Semetism is an economic phase Second phase is a legal phase. Let’s write the Jews out of existence. What does this mean? Very early on it was clear about the contrast of Jews and non-Jews. IF you owed Jews money, you didn not have to pay. Jews are seen from the beginning as second class citizens in courts, the
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November 11 - Pushed 1941 Operation Barbarossa brought...

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