November 16 - November 16, 2010 D-Day comes down to...

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November 16, 2010 D-Day comes down to flipping the coin. The decision is ultimately left to Dwight Eisenhower. He goes on his gut feelings and an opinion that he respects. When are we going to launch the attack over France? Was June 6, 1944 the right time? Many feel today that if we had invaded France in 1943, we could have ended the war earlier, holocaust wouldn’t have been as extreme, and they looked at and second guessed the coin flipping. One line of thought= in 1943, good things could have happened. We could have had experienced soldiers, equipment, but true, we didn’t have control of the war of the sea. Still, there was an element of risk, but it could have been done. The Germans in Northern France were stronger in 1944 than in 1943. IN 1943, there were 49 German divisions in Northern France. By 1944, there will be 58 divisions (more troops). Also more obstacles. Rummel did as good as job as he could to stenthen Atlantic Wall. In theory, we could have watched D-Day anywhere along Atlantic Wall (Where france meets spain up to Holland and Denmark) So, the Germans had a long line of defensive and a long area to defend. One of the advantages of the Allies is that they could pick where and when they would land. We could concentrate our troops in smaller area. If you were German soldier and had been sent to France during WWII and were one of divisions near Atlantic Wall, it wasn’t bad. Had warm place to sleep, food, wine, you weren’t seeing any major fighting until 1944. It is a good place to be, and after Rundstedt messed up in 1941 after operation Barbarossa fail. He spent a lot of time there reading mystery novels, and other Germans practiced English. Many troops stationed in this area ( especially around Normandy) were not very good troops. Stronger troops in Pas-De_calais Second line= we weren’t open. Didn’t have control over German submarine, soldiers wouldn’t have been ready, not as much equipment In November 1943, Roosevelt, Churchill, and Stalin meet in Techulam?? Stalin and Churchill want to go anywhere but France. Stalin is insisted that the Allies help relieve pressure in Russia. Finally, FDR can’t keep saying no to Stalin, so in 1944, it will be the year we launch the second
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November 16 - November 16, 2010 D-Day comes down to...

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