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discussion1 (chapter8)

discussion1 (chapter8) - that they define you will use...

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I never have credit card till now because I think it is unnecessary for me and I prefer to use debit card more than credit card. Three disadvantages of credit card. 1. They allow you to build up more debt than you can handle and some company right now even allow people who have no credit to have credit card. This is very bad for people who has low income and rotate money in their business because it’s make people enlarge their ego and cupidity. 2. Credit Card companies will cost you so much money if you do not pay on time and Damage your credit rating. You also have to aware terms and conditions of each credit card company that you use, so you won’t get loss you money. 3. Many companies trying to offer you some gift if you spend money through the point
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Unformatted text preview: that they define you will use credit card to buy everything and forget that you are exceeding your budget In my opinion, people should careful about using credit card. It can make you drawn in debt. People in my country are like people in your country. They like to have a lot of credit card because of gifts also. Credit card Company in my country always offers gifts for customer to make them apply for it and people usually apply but after that for a while people will cancel it. I think people only think about gifts. They just want free stuff. Credit card is not bad to have it but I think you have to be really careful about terms and conditions if not you can become a bankrupt. I would say check credit history often....
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