PSY 220 - Test 2 Review

PSY 220 - Test 2 Review - Subsystems of language 2...

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Topics for Exam 2 + # of questions Weight and growth in infancy 3 methods of studying infants vision infant crying principles of physical and motor development 2 helping infants with problems dynamic systems theory cross-cultural features 3 brain growth 3 learning in infancy infant daycare 2 infant memory 2 Object permanence (Piaget and critiques) 5 Emotion regulation Social referencing Toddlerhood 2 Security of attachment (quality of attachment etc)7 Fathers Children’s health in early childhood Children’s height and weight in early childhood 3 Nutrition Handedness 2 Circular reactions 3 Theories of attachment Sleep Neonatal hearing Reflexes 2 Sensorimotor skills 3
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Unformatted text preview: Subsystems of language 2 Toddler’s speaking vocabularies Development of language Theories of language development 3 Primary and secondary emotions 3 Stranger anxiety 2 Effects of poor attachment 3 Growth in early childhood Motor skill development in early childhood Erikson’s theory 2 Infant-caregiver interaction Sensory development in infants Gender differences in infancy Maternal employment Predicting and measuring infant intelligence Parent-child verbal interactions 2 Social class and language development. Infant understanding of emotions Development of perceptual skills 2 Visual preferences in infancy 2...
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PSY 220 - Test 2 Review - Subsystems of language 2...

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