PSY 220 - Test 3 Review

PSY 220 - Test 3 Review - Sex typing Education and Piaget...

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Test Items: Test 3 Psychology 220 Gender identity, stability and consistency 3 Concrete operational stage 3 Vygotsky 2 Imaginary playmates 2 Educational television programs 2 Preoperational stage 10 Physical activity among elementary children 2 Body mass index Theory of mind 3 Language development in early childhood Collective monologues Memory skills in preschoolers Scripts and schemata 2 Children as witnesses 2 Self-esteem Children’s fears Play 4 Child abuse Prosocial behavior Disputes among preschoolers Individuals with Disabilities Education Act 2
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Unformatted text preview: Sex typing Education and Piaget Metacognition 2 Erikson’s theory Intelligence 2 Linguistic improvements in elementary school No Child Left Behind Head Start Critique of Piaget’s theory Home schooling 2 Grade retention Parenting styles 3 Sibling interactions2 Preschool friendships Theories of sex role development 2 Growth Achievement Obesity Sex differences 1 Children with disabilities 2 Memory in middle childhood Cross-cultural features 2...
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