PSY 220 - Test 4 Review

PSY 220 - Test 4 Review - Sexual attitudes Sexual behavior...

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Test Items – Test 4 Brain development in adolescence 3 Risk taking Personality changes Self-esteem in middle childhood and adolescence 4 Piaget’s theory of moral development Gender typed behavior Divorce 4 Single parent families Stepfamily relationships Piaget and Kohlberg Kohlberg’s theory of moral development 8 Other theories of moral development 3 Video games 2 Adolescence (general) Early and late maturation 2 Self-concept concerns in adolescents 2 Cross-cultural focus 4 Formal operations 5 Postformal operations Elkind’s theory of adolescent cognitive functioning 4
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Unformatted text preview: Sexual attitudes Sexual behavior Contraception 2 Morals and ethics in adolescence Secondary school Predicting grades Freudian approach to adolescence Autonomy Conflict between parents and adolescents Communication between adolescents and parents Drug use Erikson’s theory 3 Friendship Gender segregation Self -concept in middle childhood Alternative family structures 2 Identity status 3 Parental relationships with teens Peer groups in adolescence Friendships Carol Gilligan’s theory Eating disorders Dropping out Cigarette smoking...
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