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Another Wendell Phillips Essay

Another Wendell Phillips Essay - When the war came he was...

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Wendell Phillips Wendell Phillips was born on November 29, 1811. He was a well- known American reformer. His career of attempting to reform American society spanned 47 years. He put most of his energy into opposing slavery and supporting women's right's, labor reform, and temperance. In 1865 he attacked the Constitution. He attacked it because it supported slavery. He had married Ann Terry Greene. Greene had been taught by William Lloyd Garrison. Garrison and Phillips became friends. As the Civil War approached he became more and more certain that violence must be employed to abolish slavery.
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Unformatted text preview: When the war came he was at the head of the emancipation movement. In the years after the war Wendell Phillips demanded that actions be taken to protect blacks and loyal whites in the South. He also became more involved in workers rights. His speeches and lectures soon became published. On February 2, 1884 Wendell Phillips died. In conclusion I believe that a soldier would be a good symbol for Wendell Phillips. It would be a good symbol because soldiers fight hard for what they believe in. This is what Wendell Phillips did....
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