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Benjamin Frankli2 - Benjamin Franklin The Personality of...

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Benjamin Franklin The Personality of Benjamin Franklin The autobiography of Benjamin Franklin is the story of his life written in the first person. All experiences in the book are told from Ben’s point of view. There is a slight possibility that not all of this information is exactly true, or if all of the events in his life are accounted for. When writing this autobiography, Franklin had the power to choose what he wanted the readers to know and what he wanted to keep to himself. Although he admits to some mistakes that he has made, and usually tells how he corrected them, there is no definite way to ever know if these accounts of his personal life are necessarily true. There is historical evidence to many of his inventions and ideas, but some of the events that Ben writes about his life could all be sugarcoated coincidences or strokes of luck that he happened to come across through his many traveling excursions. In knowing this before reading the autobiography, my mind was set on the fact that the truth of this book could possibly be stretched a little. Even though that was the case, I was intrigued by the wit and humor of Benjamin Franklin’s personality. Just by reading his story, I could tell that his personality was fueled by an extremely intelligent and creative mind. He seemed to be a type of person who would not let anyone take advantage of him and, if they happened to, he knew exactly how to handle himself in any situation. He knew the right person to help him for any problem that should arise and he knew who to keep distant and who to keep near. Franklin quotes an old Maxim that he learned which says,
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Benjamin Frankli2 - Benjamin Franklin The Personality of...

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