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Bill Gates 3 - 1103 Bill Gates is the Antichrist Ever since...

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1103 Bill Gates is the Antichrist Ever since Microsoft was founded, Bill Gates has gained power over the people of the world by winning a monopoly in the computer-software industry. From the assistance Microsoft gave in the development of the personal computer, to the virtual monopoly that Windows 95 now has on most computers all over the world; Microsoft has controlled a major portion of the computer industry. In his repeated conquests over his competitors, Gates has left an increasingly obvious amount of evidence that proves that he is the fourth and final antichrist. Most of this evidence comes from Gates' computer products and is referred to in Revelations. This evidence may have been left on purpose, or was a careless mistake by the founder of Microsoft. Like the other men who have been considered antichrists, Gates has attempted to rule the world. The only difference between Gates and his predecessors is that he is trying to rule the world through computers, not through military force. ASCII(American Standard Code for Information Interchange) code is a system of keeping track of letters, numbers and characters on a computer. When Bill Gates and IBM decided to use ASCII code in the IBM Personal Computer, many people didn't know what computers were, or care what ASCII code was. Many people who did know what ASCII code was didn't think that Bill Gates was evil. Today, now that more people use computers regularly, Bill Gates' evil secrets have been revealed to the public through the Internet and anti-Microsoft activists. "Here is wisdom. Let him who has understanding calculate the number of the beast, for it
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Bill Gates 3 - 1103 Bill Gates is the Antichrist Ever since...

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