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Biography of Lynda Peagram

Biography of Lynda Peagram - birth to her first child Clare...

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Biography of Lynda Peagram Lynda Peagram was born on the 28 th of December 1961 she weighed 8lb 3oz. She first started school at the age of 5 at lee chapel south in 1966. Then in 1973 she started secondary school at woodlands in Basildon. Lynda started work in 1978 in London in the bank of England. Then in 1982 she got engaged to Gary Peagram and a year later they got married at holy cross church in Basildon. They then got their dog Mac he was a boxer and as a puppy used to chew everything up. In 1989 she gave
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Unformatted text preview: birth to her first child Clare michelle Peagram on the 3 rd may. When Clare was born Mac looked after her. Also 5 months after Clare was born Lynda’s dad Roy passed away he was and still is greatly missed. Then Lynda gave birth to jenny Nicole Peagram her second child. A year after jenny was born Lynda lost a baby but then two years later Charlie Michael Peagram was born since then Lynda has changed jobs and is happily married with three children....
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