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Derek Morris: A Personal Bio My name is Derek Morris. I'm a seventeen year old student. I enjoy playing baseball and that is my life. I have been playing since I was one and a half. I moved through the ranks of organized baseball and like other ball players hope someday to play at the utmost level, the pros. It probably won't come true but who knows. Being a student at Shrewsbury I have had much success. I have been on the honor roll many times and a few months ago I was accepted to Bryant College. On the baseball field I have also received various honors and awards. I was captain of the baseball team in my junior and senior year and was named most valuable player in my junior year. Shrewsbury is not were I've always lived. I was born in Natick,
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Unformatted text preview: lived there for a few months then moved to Framingham. I lived in Framingham for eleven years then moved to this town I never heard of, Shrewsbury. I have now lived here for seven years. I have two great parents George and Cindy with two sisters Jill, 15, and Kim, 1. Yes one. She was quite a surprise. When I heard my mom and dad were going to have another baby I thought the world was over. But, she turned out just fine and is quite a cool little person. I enjoy females, music, partying, and baseball. The quote that is most meaningful is, "The only place were success comes before work is in the dictionary." The holiday I enjoy the most would have to be Christmas because it is only three more months until baseball begins....
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