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DH Lawrence - DH Lawrence: Biography David Herbert Lawrence...

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DH Lawrence: Biography David Herbert Lawrence was born on September 11, 1885, the fourth child and third son of a miner in Eastwood, Nottinghamshire. Despite having grown up in a lower class home and without many friends, he has become the most frequently studied novelist of the twentieth century . Lawrence started school extremely early at the age of four, only to be withdrawn for the next three years. This was much to his disadvantage socially. He had very few friends as a child. He preferred the company of his younger sister and her friends. At the age of thirteen, Lawrence received a scholarship to the Notthinghamshire High School. Despite the financial difficulty this put on his family, Lawrence studied diligently at school, and one again, made very few friends. At fifteen, Lawrence had finished high school, he went to work at Haywoods, a surgical appliance manufacturer in Nottingham . There too he found it difficult to acquire any friends. The conditions in the factory did not help Lawrence with his health either. Within six months, he had already caught pneumonia. Lawrence had significant problems with his lungs during his lifetime . Two weeks after being born, he was diagnosed with Bronchitis. After recovering from pneumonia, he went back to school as a student teacher. There, for the first time in his life, he made many friends. While a student teacher, he began to write. His early writings were private - he would only share them with
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DH Lawrence - DH Lawrence: Biography David Herbert Lawrence...

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