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Eleanor Roosevelt - Eleanor Roosevelt Eleanor Roosevelt was...

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Eleanor Roosevelt Eleanor Roosevelt was a honest person who had responsibility and compassion towards her husband , family and her fellow man, whatever their social status. She used great citizenship and initiative actions in dealing with anyone who was fortunate enough to make her acquaintance. Eleanor Roosevelt is an outspoken advocate of social justice. During the years she has taken over a lot of responsibility. For someone who spent thefirst third of her life as shy and timid, she showed great courage once she was thrust into the presidential “spotlight”. Most Americans considered her a true “American Hero”. “Ladies and gentlemen, members of the press, I now announce the presence of our first lady of the United States, Eleanor Roosevelt”, is something similar to what you would hear when being addressed at a press conference or important meetings. She was a well respected human being, achieving great duties and responsibility in life. She was appointed by President John F. Kennedy to be on the first peace corps advisory board. She was such an active lady while her husband was in office that she was no longer willing to stay quietly in the background of her husband. She took a job as an editor and advertising manager of a monthly publication “ The Women’s Democratic News” where she became more independent towards herself and work. Eleanor Roosevelt became very involved in women issues, being that she also joined the newly organized Women’s division of the New York State Democratic party and moved swiftly into positions of leadership. Not only was she responsible among organizations and people, she later became her husband, Franklin D. Roosevelt’s eyes and ears, dedicating her life to his purposes, being a trusted and tireless reporter. One of the reasons she did become so helpful towards her husbands career was besides the fact that she was the first lady, Franklin D. Roosevelt was stricken with a disease called polio and caused him to be permanently crippled in August of 1921. She then became even more loyal to him and our country having to deal with people from different nations, organizations and positions. While the President struggled to regain the use of his legs, Eleanor Roosevelt and Louis Howe joined forces to keep his political and business contacts alive. She became a
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Eleanor Roosevelt - Eleanor Roosevelt Eleanor Roosevelt was...

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