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F SCOTT FITZGERALD - DIANA CHOW Welcome to the roaring...

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D F. SCOTT FITZGERALD DIANA CHOW 03/25/96 Welcome to the roaring 1920's! The Jazz Age. A period within time which the passive behaviors, beliefs, and purity of the past generations, were tossed aside to create room for the changes America was about to experience! The birth of independent voting rights for women, lavishing parties, and where excitement was to be found in every corner. This was the era in which the people were considered the "Lost Generation," and from this environment emerged a eminent writer of those times. Francis Scott Fitzgerald. Born to the calm and submissive atmosphere of St. Paul Minnesota, he came from a line of highly regarded men and women from his family's past. His most famous relative by far was Francis Scott Key. The writer of our national anthem. Though he was certainly the most famous Fitzgerald, his mother was the most eccentric. Often dressed in miss-matched shoes and had a peculiar behavior, she at one time stared
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