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Igor Dvorkin biography

Igor Dvorkin biography - accomplished all rounder has made...

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Igor Dvorkin Igor was born in the USSR where he trained as an orchestral composer and conductor and then went on to build his career and reputation as a songwriter. Once established as one of the leading artists in his field, with his songs performed by many of the Soviet Union’s leading artists and ensembles, he moved to the Middle East where he specialised in producing traditional and ethnic music from the region. This experience and knowledge of a wide variety of World Music as well as an
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Unformatted text preview: accomplished all rounder has made him an invaluable composer for Audio Network In 1998 he moved to the UK and has written extensively for Audio Network. His music features on a number of high profile programmes for the BBC and ITV companies including Grandstand (BBC Television), Bremner, Bird and Fortune (Vera/C4) and Golf International (Channel 2020/Sky Television)....
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