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James Watt James Watt was born February 19, 1736 and died on August 19, 1889. As a child he was often sick. This kept James out of school. His mother had to teach him how to read and write. James suffered from severe headaches, so many people thought he was retarded. Little did they know that this child that most people didn’t consider normal would lead America to one of the most important stages The Industrial Revolution. It all started when he traveled to England to become a mechanic. Then he decided to come back to Scotland. This is where he met Joseph Black. Black though him some thing that he found interesting about steam. This got Watt started in thinking about how to make Newcomms steam engine better. So in 1764 he got his first real challenge. He got one of Newcomms machines that could not be repaired. He repaired that machine without any problem. Watt had one problem, he had no idea why someone would be satisfied with a machine like this. James decided to make a practical steam engine, this
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