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Kimberly Mikelle Morgan biography

Kimberly Mikelle Morgan biography - B iography...

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Biography                                                                                                              Mikelle Kimberly Mikelle Morgan, R&B Hip Hop soul singer, songwriter, arranger and producer was born breech and pre-mature on the 23 rd day of January at Oakland California’s Kaiser Permanente Hospital. She came into the world just kicking and screaming. There was no doubt she would be kicking down doors and screaming her way through life in the world of music. Mikelle grew up in a loving middle class home; the only child of a single mother. With dreams of becoming a star, Mikelle would sing and dance in front of the mirror and perform live in front of her family and friends when they came to visit. At age seven, Mikelle was asked to perform as the feature soloist for a local fashion show. The crowd thoroughly adored her. She had such incredible stage presence and a strong singing voice for such a tiny little girl.
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