Leah Kidman Biography

Leah Kidman Biography - “Lizzie McGuire”-Lizzie...

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Leah Kidman-Cruise Biographical Information Birthdate: July 28 th , 1987 Birth Place: Houston, Texas Full Name: Leah Victoria Michele Kidman-Cruise Screen Name: Leah Kidman-Cruise Facts About Leah -She is the daughter of Nicole Kidman and Tom Cruise -She has 7 movies coming out in the fall of 2004 and the beginning of 2005 -She has signed on for another season of “The O.C.” -Leah has her second CD, due on stand in the late fall of 2004 -Leah is a natural blonde but had to dye her hair dark for the role of Maddie on “All my Children” and Summer on “The O.C.” -Leah is going out with co-star Adam Brody and they might even move in together -Leah is roommates with her best bud on and off screen, Mischa Barton Starring Roles “The O.C.”- Summer Roberts(2003-present) “All my Children- Maddie Grey(2000-2003)
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Unformatted text preview: “Lizzie McGuire”-Lizzie McGuire(1997-2001) Guest Starring Roles “That’s So Raven”-Nikki “One Tree Hill”-Meagan “Smallville”-Tracey Movies Outward Blonde-Michelle (2005) Texas Chainsaw Massacar-Kim Saunders (2005) A Cinderella Story-Sam Montgomery (2004) Raise Your Voice-Terri Fletcher (2004,fall) Heart of Summer-Kirsten Havins (2005) The Perfect Man-Heather (2004,winter) Legally Blonde #3-Brittany Woods (2005,summer) Trouble with Love-Hailley Cameron(2004) Changing Her Ways-Coral Jones(2004) Kisses from Kaci-Kaci Andrews(2004) Cheaper By the Dozen-Lorraine Baker(2003) The Lizzie McGuire Movie-Lizzie McGuire(2002) Agent Cody Banks-Natalie Connors(2001) Cadet Kelly-Kelly(2001) Human Nature-Young Lila Jute(1998) Casper Meets Wendy-Wendy(1997)...
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Leah Kidman Biography - “Lizzie McGuire”-Lizzie...

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