Life Of Napoelan Bonaparte

Life Of Napoelan Bonaparte - Life Of Napoelan Bonaparte Few...

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Life Of Napoelan Bonaparte Few individuals have come along that have captivated the imaginations of their contemporaries and of historians. Perhaps the most prolific of these characters is Napoleon Bonaparte. The part of his life often found most intriguing was his humble beginnings. Here, like some Hollywood movie is the tale of an exceptional man whose intelligence and rise from the bottom is eventually defeated by his flaws, which cause him to fall from power. He was born in Corsica just off the coast of Italy. France had annexed Corsica in 1768, officially making him a French citizen. His parents, although from an aristocratic family and considered nobility, were anything but wealthy. His father's small income was not enough to fulfill his dreams of sending Napoleon to France to attend military school. He wrote a letter to the king, Louis XVI, for a scholarship for Napoleon. The king had set up a fund to pay for Napoleon's attendance of military school. Upon arrival in France young Napoleon had to first overcome the obstacle of learning to speak French, since it was the only language spoken in the military schools. To do this he would first have to attend a school in Autun before going to military school. When he finally arrived in Brienne to attend his military school, he soon discovered that his defeat of his adversities was marred by the criticism he received because of his Corsican upbringing and accent. But nothing could break Napoleon's strong will and determination. Instead of giving up, he persevered and gave up socializing to put forth whatever effort he could into his studies. His lust for conquest and omens of his great future often surfaced at school. In the winter he eagerly applied his military science knowledge into skillfully executed snowball fights with his squadron always being the victors. He also spent hours studying the conquests of rulers such as Julius Caesar and Alexander the Great. This rigorous study, however, did not make him a brilliant student except in math where he had a natural talent. At age 15, Napoleon graduated from Brienne and was accepted into the prestigious military college in Paris, receiving an all-expenses paid scholarship. While at military college, he learned of his father's death from stomach cancer. His father's final startling words were a revelation that would prophesize Napoleon's future: "Where is Napoleon, my son Napoleon, whose sword will make Kings tremble and who will change the face of the world?" Napoleon finished military academy 2 years ahead of schedule to help out his poor mother and graduated as a lieutenant. The consulate Napoleon's career as a French solider progressed. He
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Life Of Napoelan Bonaparte - Life Of Napoelan Bonaparte Few...

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