My Job - Coming to E-Dak, for me, meant leaving a...

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Coming to E-Dak, for me, meant leaving a comfortable "big-six" accounting position to work for a 30-person start-up. It was a tremendous gamble, but my choice came down to whether I wanted to continue performing repetitive audits or face new challenges at E-Dak Dynamics, and in the process help to change the world. c Working for E-Dak places me at the epicenter of one of the world's most dynamic industries: telecommunications/ networking. Although I knew little about E-Dak's domain of fiber-optics, I felt strongly that my fate rested in the trenches of Silicon Valley, in an industry where only the paranoid survive, at a company with a business model in defiance of Moore's Law. At the time the term 'information superhighway' hadn't been coined yet, but it would soon become our driving focus, as data traffic over long-haul networks skyrocketed and the world's telecommunications providers increased their investment in high-capacity fiber- optics. With an innovative product line that provides pavement for the information highway, E-Dak quenches an unending and growing thirst for bandwidth. h For me E-Dak has meant working at the fourth fastest growing company in Silicon Valley, with $500 thousand of revenue exploding to over $60 million in four short years. It has also meant playing a role in the information revolution. y E-Dak gives me a broad business perspective. It's relatively small size facilitates a close interaction with department heads. If had I stayed in public accounting or gone to a larger corporation, I would not have earned the same breadth of experience, most likely being limited to working within a single division or with a handful of accounts. At E-Dak my scope encompasses all aspects of accounting and finance across the entire enterprise. My reports show the "big picture" and are used extensively by senior management as a map to chart company progress and plot future growth. f A start-up firm gives me the opportunity to deal with a wide variety of issues. From its infancy, I have had the chance to help shape E-Dak's growth strategy. Once proving myself to management, I was given challenges beyond the realm of
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My Job - Coming to E-Dak, for me, meant leaving a...

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