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Shirley Chisholm - Shirley Chisholm A political leader for...

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Shirley Chisholm A political leader for many years, and a co-founder of the National women’s Political Caucus, Shirley Chisholm is the one of the most famous African - American woman in politics. She was the first black woman to be elected to congress, and also was the first black women to run for president (1972). She was even asked by bill Clinton to serve as American – ambassador to Jamaica. But this isn’t her whole life, so in these further paragraphs I plan to tell you about her great and wonderful life. In 1924 Shirley Chisholm was born by parents Charles St. Hill and ruby seale, who had immigrated to Brooklyn from Barbados in the early 1920’s. Shirley was the oldest out of 4 girls, her other 3 sisters being Odessa, Muriel, and Selma. When Shirley was 3 her parents sent her to live with her grandmother (on her mothers side) in Barbados where there was more room to run and play. At her grandmothers Shirley lived with her 4 cousins. There was no running water, or electricity here so the children had to do many chores like getting fresh water, cleaning the house, tending to the garden and feeding animals at the farm. However the reward was to go to the beach and swim, play, and run in the clear waters of the Caribbean. Then in 1934, when Shirley was 10, an event happened that would change her life forever. Her parents, the St. Hills decided to take Shirley back to Brooklyn. Brooklyn was very different from her grandmothers farm and Shirley found herself getting very confused and getting lost in the streets and neighborhoods. The St. Hills were the first blacks in a neighborhood of whites, Jewish immigrants, and 1st generation Americans. Shirley and her father often had long talks about politics and social issues. Also the St. Hills friends, West Indian immigrants , would have long late night discussions about debates and social
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Shirley Chisholm - Shirley Chisholm A political leader for...

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