Teddy Roosevelt

Teddy Roosevelt - \Theodore Roosdevelt\ \26th President of...

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R \Theodore Roosdevelt\ \26th President of the United States (1901-1909)\ Theodore Roosevelt was an energetic and dynamic leader who gave the nation a square deal. During his presidency to a position of internatio nal leadership. s Roosevelt belonged to an aristocratic New York family. He attended Harvard Univerity. Theodore Roosevelt fought in the Spanish-American war with the Rough Riders at the battle of San Juan Hill. He had served as police commissiores of New York, assistant secretary of the navy, governor of New York, and vice president of the United States. When president McKinley was assassinated on September 14, 1901, Theodore Roosevelt became, at the time, the youngest (43 years) president in hist ory. y The president saw himself as a man of the middle who would meditate the struggle between capital and labor. He said that business must be protected against itself and he tended to favor regulatory commissions that provided nonpartisan supervisi on by experts of business practices. As president he
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Teddy Roosevelt - \Theodore Roosdevelt\ \26th President of...

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