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Todd Gray: Iconographic Photography The subjective nature presented in Todd Gray’s photographs appears to reflect the upbringings of the artist himself. In his photograph entitled Anti-Euro, Gray studied the idea of being a “floating entity.” He attempts to reveal the notion that all people are mixed in some way and that no one is really pure black or pure white. He conceived the notion of creating his own mythology after reading influential books. Gray states, “I would read Greek and African mythology books and try to navigate between the two. I thought I’d create my own culture” (Philip, Los Angeles Times, January 1997). Gray’s other piece entitled, “Boxer punching buildings,” reveals aspects of his frustration and disturbance toward society. The piece is composed of images of an African American boxer throwing a punch at a large corporate building. He presented it as a series of posters that were placed throughout the city to be viewed by the public. During lecture, he explained that the poster was a metaphor of classic slavery versus the corporate conglomerates of society. Gray explains, “I was thinking about the gladiators of the past, dark people who had to fight against domination. The same system seemed to be intact” (Philip, Los Angeles Times). As most identify Gray as being the ex-photographer of Michael Jackson, his
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Todd Gray - Todd Gray Iconographic Photography The...

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