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Alias Grace - Alias Grace Introduction Margret Atwood a...

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Alias Grace Introduction Margret Atwood a long time celebrated author, has most recently published Alias Grace. Atwood has taken a different approach to this novel. Although fictional this story has been based on reality. Grace Marks, the main character is indeed, on of the mid-eighteen hundreds most famous criminals. She was the celebrated villain of the Kinnear-Montgomery murders. This novel has a terrific sense of mystery but also enough interest to engage the reader into its historical drama. Plot Summary Alias Grace, begins in the main character, Grace Marks', sixteenth year of incarceration for the murder of Thomas Kinnear, her past employer. Her supposed accomplice in the murders has already been killed for the murder of Kinnear, although Marks being a woman was handed a lighter sentence of life, although originally sentenced to death also. The death of Nancy Montgomery, Kinnear's housekeeper and mistress, was disregarded as both villain had already been sentenced to death. Grace is around thirty years old, being accused of the crimes when she was only sixteen. Grace is prison where she has been mentally tortured during her rotation from prison to asylum over time. Doctors who wish to "examine" her frequently visit. She has now has a subconscious aversion to these doctors and the world which she knows. She has become accustomed to being silent and unseen. This novel begins with the interest of a young doctor in Grace, Dr. Simon Jordan. He is noted as being from a wealthy family and of good name, but is more interested in studying abroad about sanity and those enclosed in asylums rather than interest at home. He has little experience in dealing on a personal basis with the question of sanity of patients, but is intrigued by this fabulously sensationalized murderess. A group that has continuously tried for the pardon of Grace Marks has recruited him. In hopes of discovery that she has been found mentally sane and furthermore innocent on all counts of murder. Dr. Jordan's main purpose is to help recover
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Alias Grace - Alias Grace Introduction Margret Atwood a...

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