Animal Farm

Animal Farm - Animal Farm.theme characters plot Animal Farm...

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Unformatted text preview: Animal Farm...theme, characters, plot Animal Farm is difficult to read seriously for the first few chapters, mostly because the main characters are animals that talk not only amongst themselves, but also with humans. After a short period, though, the animals take on such believable personalities that it is easy to forget that they are not humans. In the beginning, life is satisfactory at the Manor Farm. While food rations are low, no one is dying from starvation. One evening, an older member of the farm, a boar named Old Major announces that he will die soon. Before he dies, however, he wants to share with the rest of the animals his thoughts on how Man has ruined the animals' life. He says that if animals were to grow their own food, Man would no longer be needed on the farm, leaving all the profits to the animals. Society without man, of course, would be simpler and more relaxed. Old Major then suggests a revolution with the best of intents. A vote taken at the meeting proves Old Major's main idea, that "all animals are equal". All the animals on the farm leave the meeting with fresh energy, prepared to run Manor Farm on their own, although not sure how to chase away their human master, Mr. Jones. Soon after Old Major's speech he dies. One evening, Mr. Jones neglects to feed his animals. They become hungry and break into the storage shed to find some food. When their master finds his storage room a mess, he is furious, and begins to whip the animals violently. The animals decide this may be their only chance to get rid of their master, and spontaneously fight back against Mr. Jones. He quickly flees from the farm with his wife....
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Animal Farm - Animal Farm.theme characters plot Animal Farm...

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