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575 Animal Farm: The Comparison of Napoleon and Keno The two books, Animal Farm, and The Pearl, consist of many different things. One book tells how an entire farm of animals can talk and think like human beings. It also tells you how they become the equivalent of the russian government by trying to take over the farm. The other story ,however, is about a poor man and his family trying to make ends meat with a small fishing job which pays off for him eventually when he finds a giant pearl. What do these two books have in common with each other? Power, wealth, and greed. In the book Animal Farm, we find the main character, Napoleon, as a young boar with ambition and a chance to win the struggle of leadership of his pears and enemies. In the story a leader or leaders must be found to represent the animals. Because the pigs are believed to be the most intelligent of the animals they are chosen to lead. As the book goes on you start to notice a change in Napoleon's behavior. He starts to betray his fellow animals and allie with the humans.
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