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book report ingles again - AUTHOR Daniel Defoe was born in...

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AUTHOR Daniel Defoe was born in London in 1660. After studying ministry for many years he decided that a religious life wasn't right for him, so he became a merchant. He traveled widely and built up a strong and successful business , and started raising a family . In 1692 his business failed, leaving, Daniel the 32 year old man in debt , with a wife, and 6 children to support. He was always interested in politics. He tried to make his living by writing political articles for news papers. The articles criticized the King, and the ruling party. In 1719 he started writing fiction novels. He wrote one of the world's best known adventure stories, Robinson Crusoe. That book brought him to great success and helped pay back part of his debts. Some other novels he wrote were Moll Flanders, Colonel Jack and two other Robinson Crusoe stories. I would read another one of his books . PLOT Robinson Crusoe wanted to be sailor but his family wouldn't let him. When he got older he left and became a sailor. He went to south America and bought his own cotton farm. He had to make a voyage to africa to get some slaves. On the way the ship got caught in a storm, was destroyed. When Robinson woke up he was on a beach. All the men were dead except him. He went and got what supplies that were left on the boat. He lived on the island for 30 years. On certain times Cannibals came and he had to fight them off. CHARACTERS The main character is Robinson Crusoe. He is the character right through the book. The minor characters are FRiday and the Captain. The minor character affect the plot by Friday is Robinson's friend and and the captain helps him get home . The relationship between the main and minor characters are they are friends . The conflicts that the characters face are Man vs Man, Man vs Nature, and Man vs Himself. SETTING This story takes place in England, Africa, South America, and islands in the Caribbean Sea. The story takes place in 1600's. The author used good language in this book. It was easy to read. The dialogue is realistic among the characters. I think the theme of this book is if you're stranded on an island, never give up hope.
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Robinson Crusoe was written by Daniel Defoe. The novel was first published in 1719. It tells the story of a young explorer who becomes marooned on a deserted island. His experiences of the island change his outlook on life. Daniel Defoe was a short story writer that came from an poor family . Defoe was poor for most of his life and made his living as a butcher and a writer. Defoe mostly wrote short stories and political essays. Robinson Crusoe was a combination of two short stories. Many believe Defoe used Robinson Crusoe to portray himself in a certain ways. The description was almost identical to his own and after his wife left him, he felt as if he was marooned on a deserted island. The story takes place in the 1700s on a deserted island somewhere off the coast of Brazil. The island is fairly large in size and has a small shore. The interior of the island has many trees, wild
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book report ingles again - AUTHOR Daniel Defoe was born in...

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