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Breath, Eyes, Memory Class Discussion Question Thinking about our class discussions on Breath eyes memory I noticed that we covered a lot on the culture portrayed in the book and the injustices done. But I think that we neglected to look at certain parallels between our culture and the way that I think that it affects our lives to read and discuss a book of this nature. I think a good discussion question for our class would have to do something about how you directly compare the book to your own life or to the lives of the people around you that you know and talk to every day. I think that it would be important to go over all the dimensions in which this book is a direct parallel to our own lives. It would also be important to expand on the discussion and maybe go into how the culture has changed (or not changed) since it has moved to our country. In other words do these things in fact still take place and if so to what extent and in what way? We might look at the effect it has on the
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