Delieverance - Delieverance: Disorientation Leads to...

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Delieverance: Disorientation Leads to Knowledge James Dickey’s novel Deliverance is an action packed journey of four city men into the unknown. While on the journey, the men are faced with many life- changing obstacles. Each of the men takes on these obstacles differently and each comes out with different results. How they chose to take on these obstacles depended on the mindset of the individual. Even though the four men attacked the obstacles in a different way, the four men all embarked on the same journey of education. Throughout the journey, the four mean learn their strengths and weaknesses, and the risks and rewards of nature. Before the four journeymen set off, they all seem self confident and self satisfied. Once they begin the journey they learn their limitations. Lewis was the ideal leader, always prepared and in tiptop shape. With all of this, Lewis believed he was invincible and could overcome any challenge he faced. He soon learned that his beliefs were untrue after breaking his leg when his canoe
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Delieverance - Delieverance: Disorientation Leads to...

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