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ear eye arm book report - An adventure Book report by Masha...

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An adventure Book report by Masha Mitkov on: The Ear, The Eye, and the Arm By Nancy Farmer This book takes place in Zimbabwe around the year 2194 In this book, there are many main characters. The point of view switches off between children who sneak off from their home and detectives who are hired to find them. Three children- Tendai, Rita, and Kuda are overprotected by their parents. But their parents have a pretty good reason for that. Their father is General Matsika, a great man who stopped most of the gangs in Zimbabwe and is greatly respected by many people. If someone were to kidnap or hurt these children, the whole country would be affected. So these children have their lessons instructed by their teachers through the holoscreen (a telephone with a three dimensional with a three dimensional viewing screen). Then they did their homework, which was sent to the teachers by the computer. Once a week a martial arts instructor would come to teach the children about combat and some martial arts skills. 1.Tendai, the oldest child is probably the protagonist, since the book is from his point of view a lot. Tendai is really spacey, and is always “dwaaling” (which means to daydream in African). His martial arts instructor is always telling Tendai to stop dwaaling. But this isn’t necessarily a bad thing. Tendai could become a spirit medium (in African culture they communicate with the spirit world). Tendai has a very active imagination. He is always wondering about things outside of the activity he is doing right at the moment. Things like “I wonder what would happen if this was in ancient times…” Tendai also has a big heart. When he was practicing throwing spears into bags of sand, he thought “what does it feel like to drive a spear into a person ?” and he felt didn’t feel very good. He feels the other person’s pain, but that is a bad trait for a soldier. But the best trait Tendai has is leadership. When the children are out walking around on the streets of Zimbabwe for the first time, he takes care of his younger siblings, and makes sure they don’t get hurt. 2. This book is very interesting. The characters develop and change as the plot thickens.
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ear eye arm book report - An adventure Book report by Masha...

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