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Elephant Man - Elephant Man People who have fault take it...

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Elephant Man In literature, as in life, we encounter persons who have faults as well as virtues. In the novel The Elephant Man by Christine Sparks a man has faults. The character that has faults in this novel is Bytes who is a greedy man and a circus owner. Often people have a fault of virtue of another person. Bytes made Merrick, the Elephant Man, live in the basement. Merrick lived in Bytes’ basement for more than two decades. The basement was cold and all Merrick had an old dirty brown blanket to keep warm. Bytes whipped the wall so that Merrick would obey. When people have a bad character they often show it by what they say. When Bytes put Merrick in the freak show he was trying to get money. That proves he is greedy. He was getting people’s attention by saying “’ A wicked birth...monstrous...evil...’” (Sparks 1). Bytes was cruel to Merrick. In the circus Merrick received his named the
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Unformatted text preview: Elephant Man. People who have fault take it out on other people less fortunate then they are to make themselves feel superior. Bytes did exactly this to Merrick. He treated the Elephant Man inhumanly. He showed this by giving Merrick a dirty blanket, potatoes and water for food supply. Merrick was beaten by Bytes. Bytes had a lot of faults in this novel. He put the Elephant Man in a cold basement for more than two decades with barely any warmth and food supply. Bytes also put Merrick in the freak show to make more money. Merrick was treated inhumanly. The author’s tone is that she condemns mistreatment to any human being. The purpose is to entertain or to inform. The intended effect is a feeling of sadness to people who are treated poorly. The basic theme or assertion of this book is don’t judge a book by it’s cover....
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