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Emotional Intelligence

Emotional Intelligence - acknowledge and value feelings in...

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Emotional Intelligence Emotional Intelligence is the ability to sense understands and effectively applies the power and acumen of emotions as a source of human energy, information and influence. Researches clearly demonstrate that while some aspects of our personalities are fixed, the way we act out those qualities is ours to choose. In other word, we do not choose our characteristics, but we do choose our characters. We do not choose many of the events of our lives, but we do choose how we react to them. For this reason, organizations can improve their employee’s emotional I.Q. There are many programs and courses that are specially designed to help people in organizations to improve their emotional I.Q. Emotional I.Q is not about sales tricks or how to cheat somebody; it is not about putting a good face on things, or the psychology of control. Emotional Intelligence requires that we learn to
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Unformatted text preview: acknowledge and value feelings in ourselves and others that we appropriately respond to them, effectively applying the information and energy of emotions in our daily life and work. Managers should have a great knowledge in emotional intelligence. It helps them to handle anger, and use this anger in a positive and intelligent way. Emotional I.Q help managers to affect others in a positive, optimistic way in the workplace. Also, managers with high emotional I.Q can read other’s feelings. This will for sure help managers to communicate and deal better with employees and customers. It is emotional intelligence that motivates us to pursue our unique potential and purpose, and activates our innermost values and aspirations, transforming them from things we think about to what we live....
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