Fern Book Report again

Fern Book Report again - 2003 SUMMER READING BOOK REPORT...

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2003 SUMMER READING BOOK REPORT “Where the Red Fern Grows” Author: Wilson Rawls By: Conor Scott Lake Highland Preparatory School Grade 7
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CHAPTERS 1-V: 1. What memories are stirred in the narrator’s mind when he sees the warm gray eyes of the friendly old hound? Answer: The narrator had fond memories of his past, wonderful memories. He earlier stated when he saw the dog-fight and looked at the “old hound fight against such odds”, “he remembered on old hound that gave his life so that he may live”. Seeing the warm gray eyes brought many memories of his past and his feelings, like an old familiar face he sat in front of his fire and started thinking of them. 2. Why does the author call puppy love a terrible disease? Answer: He always felt like a young Daniel Boone and his first and only love was that to share his time with a ‘puppy’ just not any puppy, but two coon hounds. Friends for life that you can play with, gnaw at your fingers, sleep and eat with. It is easier if you can have a dog, whenever you want, but the wanting of a particular, dog that cost money and to have out of his reach, well, this was his disease. A friend, a hunter far away in his dreams. 3. How did Billy’s prowling at the campground help cure his dog-wanting disease? Answer: His father bought his steel traps, which started his first exploration into hunting and catching wildlife. This helped his dog-wanting disease as he tried to catch all of the animals in the barn, including the cat. It kept him busy and he learnt how to “trap” as a hunter and do chores in the campground. He was finally ready to help his father with the farm and this helped him cure his wanting a coon-hound. But when he found the campground, he also found a sportsman’s magazine and this
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Fern Book Report again - 2003 SUMMER READING BOOK REPORT...

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