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book report: FREEDOM TRAIN my book report is called FREEDOM TRAIN BY Dorothy Sterling.The main people are Harriet Tubman,Daddy Ben ,Miss Sarah,ld Alice,Susan ,Old Rit ,James Cook, MRS.Cook, Master , AND Misstress.Master and Missterss beat all the slaves untill they bleed.All seven of them had to sleep in the same cabin Daddy Ben and James Cook had to sleep on the floor. The problems they had to face was slavery for seven years.Harriet was fourteen when slavery was over.She ran away about two times.Every time Daddy Ben cought her and brought her back.When Master or Misteress found she was back they would wip her back until her black back turned red.Master or Mistereswouldnt even care if they died from
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Unformatted text preview: loss of blood.All they would do was buy more slaves. Know matter how hard they tried they could never escape.If one person escaped and another caught them they would tell on them unless they were family.If they wernt they would tell to save their own lives.Adults only weighed one hundred to one hundred fifty pounds.Harriet only weighed fiffty seven pounds at age seven.Her five year old sister weighed thirty eight pounds. This was a really good book i really liked it.This book was really enjoyable.i would recomend this book to my friends.I think they would like it to.If i had to change the book i would not have slaves ! by: CASSIDY GROVE...
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