Hamlet 2 - Hamlet n the play, "Hamlet" by William...

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Hamlet n the play, "Hamlet" by William Shakespeare, many aspects contribute to the tale of tragedy, but of these there is one thing that is purely essential to this famous story : the ghost of King Hamlet. The ghost of King Hamlet is so important to "Hamlet" on so many levels, accounting for most issues, directly or indirectly, that are involved in the drama. The intrigue of the pale specter creates many things such as Hamlet's procrastination, it also projects the image of Hamlet's madness, and most importantly, it provides the plot of the story: Hamlet seeking revenge for King Hamlet's murder. The mystery that was set at the beginning of the play, with the appearance of the king's ghost, was resolved when his son Hamlet went to the battlements after a quick game of follow the leader. This is where King Hamlet's visage speaks to Hamlet, saying not the most famous words of the play, but the words with the most meaning. At this time King Hamlet tells his son the truth of his death. Here it is revealed that King Hamlet did not die of a tragic accident, but of a treacherous betrayal by his own dear brother. With this event revealed the
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Hamlet 2 - Hamlet n the play, "Hamlet" by William...

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