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history 17c aunt moody book review

history 17c aunt moody book review - Mirza Jahic History...

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Mirza Jahic 06/24/03 History 17c Carlos Mujal Aunt Moody and the life she led Anne Moody was born in Mississippi on September 15, 1940, in Wilkinson County, Mississippi. Coming of age in Mississippi focuses primarily on the experiences of racism and daily struggles from a child’s perspective to the hardships of being black during these times of racial inequality and despair. Aunt Moody’s life of struggle is definitely an inspiration to everybody seeking a change in their society because she was an active NAACP and CORE member and activist fighting against injustice. Her purpose in writing this book was to help people understand her life and the continuous discrimination and hardships that blacks had to face during these horrible times of racism. Some are born with it and others have to earn it the hard way. This was exactly the way Anne Moody saw it. Even though she had to start working at an early age due to the fact that her father deserted her family and left them to support themselves by doing whatever they have to do to survive. Coming of age in Mississippi is filled with examples of the hatred that existed between blacks and whites in the 1960's and 70's not written by an individual simply analyzing the situation but by an individual exposed to racism first hand throughout her whole life and having to live with the fact that if you are black, you are less than white. Well, Anne Moody was always a rebel and did not agree with the thoughts that her mother had about the world, which are some reasons why she got involved in activities and movements trying to support and help the common black man. The book Coming of Age in Mississippi is not in any way based on statistical data but just on the experiences and views of the oppressed. Statistical data in this case does not really matter nor does it influence the cause in any way because the hatred toward another being or racism cannot be classified into a category as statistic data but rather a feeling or brainwashing which is exactly why this book was so great in explaining and showing the amounts of hate and rejection that blacks faced during these times. 1
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Aunt Moody depends primarily on the facts and experiences that are going on around her and that have been influencing her ever since she had to work for white people to support her family. As a child she developed questions that have to do with race such as to why white people are all in good financial standing and why Anne and her family have to live in famine. Her mother was no help toward this subject whatsoever
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