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Jurassic Park - Jurassic Park Jurassic Park the novel by...

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Jurassic Park Jurassic Park, the novel by Michael Crichton had many rich, and interesting characters. Crichton seemed to be able to make them come alive and jump out of the pages into three-dimensional people. One such character was John Hammond. This man had dreams of greatness. He had monstrous plans and the money to back those plans up. He had always been a child at heart and he was in love with dinosaurs, much like I am and this is one of the reasons that he was one of my favorite characters. His company, The Hammond Foundation financed many different digs for paleontologists. When The Hammond Foundation finds amber with a mosquito locked in it, John Hammond realizes that perhaps his dreams of having a dinosaur park are possible. This is because the mosquito locked inside the amber contains the blood of a real dinosaur, complete with DNA. The finding of the amber is not shown in the movie. Instead all we see in the movie is the original amber his foundation found, attached to the top of his cane. The movie starts with John Hammond inviting Alan Grant and his understudy Ellie Satler to the park. John Hammond has to hire people to do all of the technical stuff, but it is he who envisions the park as a whole. He sees the public paying thousands of dollars to come and see his dinosaurs. He can see the astounded look on peoples faces when they see creatures that have been extinct for millions of years. He can see the happy faces of the children as well as the money he will be making from the operation. John Hammond's fault is that he refuses to believe that anything could go wrong. He has hired the best experts he could find, and he places all of his faith in them. When things do start to go completely awry, Hammond sees them only as minor problems; chinks in the system. John Hammond is too caught up with the glamour of the idea of Jurassic Park rather than with the minute details. In fact he refuses to even see the minute details, preferring to leave them to somebody else. He is content with his delusions of grandeur. I felt only mild remorse when he died at the end. It is hard to care about somebody who only cares for himself. Alan Grant was one of the more important characters of the story. He was a paleontologist who was initially hired by The Hammond Foundation to do a written report on the foods that a baby dinosaur might eat. Grant had no idea why he was being asked to do this, but he agreed to because Hammond was offering an astronomical amount of money for the job. As time went on, John Hammond invited Grant out to see the small Costa Rican island that was named Jurassic Park. By this point, the park was almost finished. Hammond wanted to get the opinion of a real paleontologist. Grant was literally blown away. He could not believe that there were real live specimens of the skeletons that he had
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Jurassic Park - Jurassic Park Jurassic Park the novel by...

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