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Marketing Chapt 1 A99. P. 32: Discuss these some five stages in the context of four year private liberal arts colleges that are facing declining enrollments. Private liberal arts college were not considered as part of the educational sys. These colleges were thought to be only for those strange and add artist – Moreover, the thought goes to the extent that we believed that in those colleges you do not learn anything, there is no techniques nor methods to follow you only express yourself in your unique and maybe strange way. As a result, private liberal arts colleges pace declining enrollment and therefore rising costs; this would definitely be the consequence to their little concern to the marketing concept. By gaining an understanding of how these private liberal arts colleges reached their present position we might develop some insight to help them in deciding how to proceed in the future. 1- Marketing is Advertising, publicity: The most important task of advertising is not to increase profit or market share, its ultimate goal is to inform – Actually, these colleges have to communicate effectively and efficiently “about their identity” what they are, what do they offer. The publicity and ads. Should allow student to perceive the value, they should not think that paying the 4 years fees is nonsense. In addition, to the awareness that ads offer, these college should establish some promotional campaign. For instance, special discounts on
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museums, exhibition, on materials used… Furthermore, these colleges should offer to their students some good work opportunities for their future. 2- Marketing is a friendly atmosphere: Attracting students is done by well informing them, by wisely advising them. All teachers and advisors should be cooperative with all the potential students sharing a particular need to learn more about these colleges. 3- Marketing is augmentation and innovation: These colleges never segmented the market, they not even know their target market. Segmentation is a must, they should well define target market in order to specify the needs and wants of your future students and then prepare a tailored marketing plan. By well segmenting the market, these colleges could find different and new groups who particular needs or wants to enroll and who might be willing and able to engage in an exchange to satisfy that need. For instance, we should take into consideration not only high school students put also, old people who enjoy art and want to self express self actualize themselves. Or in addition to that’s we have the other part of people who like to have on idea about liberal art, and which constitute for them an erosion of the hectic environment were they live. Market could be segmented according to different variable: Social,
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Marketing - Marketing Chapt 1 A99. P. 32: Discuss these...

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