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Mattimeo Author: Brian Jacques Publisher: The Putnam & Grosset Book Group Date of Publication: December 1991 Setting: The story takes place in Mossflower, a forested area where the animals of Redwall live. It takes place in fantasy times. There are no humans, just animals roam the earth. The Main Characters: The main characters are Mattimeo who is the son of the great warrior mouse of Redwall, Matthias. Matthais is the great warrior of Redwall whose son has been taken captive by Slagar the Cruel. Jess squirrel is a normal Redwall inhabitant whose son has also been taken by Slagar. Orlando the Ax is a huge badger and his daughter Jube has been captured by Slagar. The last main character, Basil Stag Hair, is a veteran foot fighter rabbit who has an enormous appetite. Summary: This is a story of a boy becoming a man. It is told through animals and fantasy. It starts with the animals of Redwall having a peaceful celebration of the new season. Slagar and his evil henchmen came to the celebration disguised as entertainers. They spiked the
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