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505 Moby Dick is an extremely long novel written by Herman Melville. This book is an epic tale of a crazed sea captain hunting the whale that bit off his leg told through the eyes of a school teacher. As the story begins Ishmael is at the local boating dock looking for work. Ishmael being a school teacher has allot of time off as of the moment because the school is at recess, for what reason i don't know. He is in a tavern talking amongst the whalers. He asks if they know of any ships on witch he could board as a hand for the captain. One of the stories he receives is of a man named Ahab. He is offering good pay and good work for any man who wants to join him on his ship. the only problem is that people say that he is a rather evil man. Ishmael shes one of the ships hands and boards for a trip witch he will never forget. The ship sets sail and every thing seems to be going smoothly. Everything except one tiny detail, Ishmael hasn't seen the captain Ahab. He knows hes there because he has heard men talking to him, but Ishmael has yet to see him. When
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