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485 Kesey’s characterization of women is by no means fair. He perceives one type to be the bossy domineering woman, and the other type to be submissive whores. He is subjective to the inmates being futile, perceiving us to think that their wives and especially Big “Powerful” Nurse took away their manliness. Kesey tries to imply that whores such as Candy Starr, contradict that, and offer them courage and pleasure. In this book, there are no regular women, just these two extremes. One Flew Over The Cuckoo’s Nest does not seem to intentionally degrade women. Although Kesey may not have, there is a shadow of doubt in how he illustrates it. The Nurse’s name itself symbolizes this. A Ratched is perceived to sound like a wretched conniving drill sergeant, with no feelings or personality. Although described as an attractive arousing lady, she is a power hungry monster, trying to hide her sexuality under her uniform. She drives to control the ward, even overpowering Dr. Spivey, finding his morphine weakness. She is opposed to male
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