Paradiso - 535 In spite of all the sheer effort put behind...

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Unformatted text preview: 535 In spite of all the sheer effort put behind it, Dantes Paradiso is not easy to enjoy. It is an alliance between difficulty and controversy. It is a narration of Dantes so called visit to heaven, which seems tangible to no one but him. He slowly gives us his perceived account while inserting an archive of philosophical tidbits, which often divert the readers attention from the supposed plot. Dante claims himself gifted and says that all his said experiences are ones that he encountered first-hand. And so the reader is assumed to believe that the author is not in a make-believe world and his arguments with heavenly beings are actually marvelous adventures. The theme is not relevant at all to the present, as scholars today would say that his ideas are primitive and unsubstantial. The only thing applicable to today be the fact that it is based on the timeless issue: the afterlife. And as he inserts his personal views in life, he does it in an authoritative method as his heavenly...
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