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Personal History again - Personal History Katharine Graham...

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Personal History Katharine Graham Alfred A. Knopf, Inc., New York, 1997 March 3, 2004
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The author of this autobiography is the former publisher and CEO of The Washington Post , a newspaper with a tremendous spread throughout the United States and beyond. The extensive autobiography titled simply Personal History , tells about the lives of her lineage (grandparents and parents) and how they influenced the outcome of her life. Obviously no outside sources are needed to determine whether or not the late Ms. Graham was qualified to write her own autobiography: therefore I shall defer the opening section to better suit the work I have selected. Was Katharine Graham’s life influential on enough people to make it worth recording and publishing? Yes: these are the memoirs of the first woman publisher of a major media outlet and being the first at anything like this makes your life’s story worthy of record. Personal History spans the early days of her grandfather’s business ventures and the fateful meeting of her father and mother to Graham’s heavy-hearted takeover of the Post and her eventual retirement. It goes into great depth about the Watergate scandal
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Personal History again - Personal History Katharine Graham...

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