Raptor Red - Raptor Red 1 The novel I read was"Raptor Red...

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Raptor Red 1. The novel I read was "Raptor Red" by Robert T. Bakker. Published by Simon & Schuster, in 1995. Rapotor Red is a female raptor struggling to survive in a kill or be killed world on her own after losing her mate. 2. The setting changes all throughout the book as Raptor Red migrates from one place to another. In somesettings she is in thick rich mossy forests looking for plump Iguanadons to eat, to other desert like lands where the sun is so hot she must sleep through the midday and hunt late afternoon when the heat is bearable. Setting is a very important because the authour must reconstruct the crustacoius period setting and all the vegitation ,lust forests, muddy salt flats, sandy beaches, and dry temperate valleys. These settings are all very vital to the book because it creates the prehistoric atmosphere and brutal planet these giants once inhabited. One of the key elements to the book to make it more realistic is how the author describes in detail all the other animals that Raptor Red hunts and runs into in the book. The author puts great detail in how Raptor Red stalks her prey and kills her victims. Once you start reading this book and you see how intelligent raptors once were you really can't decipher Raptor Red's thinking to a modern day human hunter. 3. This book follows the life of Raptor Red and all the troubles a raptor would
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Raptor Red - Raptor Red 1 The novel I read was"Raptor Red...

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