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reptile room summary

reptile room summary - Stephano killed Uncle Monty and...

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Book: The Reptile Room Author: Lemony Snicket Pages: 190 In the reptile room, Violet, Klaus, and Sunny Baudelaire move in with a  man named Uncle Monty to escape the clutches of their previous guardian,  Count Olaf. They think everything is great until Count Olaf shows up, disguised  as Uncle Monty’s new assistant, Stephano. The Baudelaire children try to stop  “Stephano” from kidnapping them and stealing their fortune, which had been left  to them from their parents who had perished in a fire. However, it’s too late. 
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Unformatted text preview: Stephano killed Uncle Monty and there is nothing they can do but call Mr. Poe, the man in charge of finding them a proper guardian. Mr. Poe doesn’t believe them until Stephano escapes with one of his friends, disguised as a doctor, who was investigating Uncle Monty’s death. The Baudelaires are once again in search of a new home, where Count Olaf will find them again....
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