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Romeo and Juliet The most important purpose for adopting a Shakespearean play to film is showing the action and the real emotion of the play. I feel the Dicaprio version fulfills this purpose better than the Zeffereli version for the following reasons. Overall it is more entertaining, more attention is paid to action scenes such as the intensity of the feud, and the music really suits the play and makes it that much easier to watch. When I say the modern version is more entertaining I mean that it is far more captivating to watch then the Zeffereli rendition. This may be because I am not very familiar with the Shakespeare language. Altogether, I think it was so engaging because of the fact that I am a sucker for the action in the film and also because it was newer and easier to understand. Even though the characters speak in the same manner in both films, I felt that I was often unaware of what was going on in the Zeffereli version compared to the Dicaprio version where I understood what was happening in most of the scenes. In the modernized version the feud of the families seems very real. With the
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