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rules of the road again

rules of the road again - nothing I can do Like I said...

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Humanities Ali Ziman Book Report- #14 12/7/02 p.4 Book: Rules of the Road Author: Joan Bauer Pages: 201 Dear Journal- I hate it when dad comes home. I know he’s my dad but I don’t like to see him. He’s always gone forever, and when he finally does come back, he’s drunk. Plus, he always wants to know about me and how I’m doing. He wouldn’t have to ask that if he would just stay around here more. I really can’t stand it. I try to help him but there’s really
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Unformatted text preview: nothing I can do. Like I said, He’s always drunk when he comes to visit. He says that he’s not been drinking but how can I believe him when he can’t even walk straight! I just don’t know what do to about it. Oh, and I don’t even bother to ask mom, she wont help. I guess I’ve just got to accept the way that he is, whether I like it or not.--...
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