Stillwatch - Stillwatch Reading is extremely underrated in...

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Stillwatch Reading is extremely underrated in our country today. Those who do read know what I’m saying. And I’m not talking about Dr. Seuss or Ann M. Martin. I mean REAL books! Books by Dean Koontz, Stephen King, and other best-selling authors. One best-selling author that I have the utmost respect for is Mary Higgins Clark. She’s written chart-topping novels such as Where Are the Children?, A Cry in the Night, A Stranger is Watching, and The Cradle will fall. The book that I have recently read by her is entitled Stillwatch. It was a New York Times bestseller for 10 weeks, and I know why! We meet Pat Traymore, a young, beautiful, and talented reporter living in our nation’s Capital. She is very in love with an older congressman named Sam Kingsley. They had a love affair two years before the present time, when his wife was dying. Pat is doing a TV series entitled Women in Government, and her first show is to be over Senator Abigail Jennings, the first woman to be nominated for Vice President. Well, Pat starts going back into Abigail’s past to find out more about her. What she does find genuinely intrigues her: murders, love affairs, suicide, an extremely obese mother who wasn’t appreciated, and an ex-fiancé. ..but that’s not all. Pat’s real name is Kerry Adams. She is living in her parents’ old house in Washington. 24 years ago, her parents died. It was said that her father had killed her mother and then himself. Pat’s not real sure that was the case. She’s living in that house so that she can try to conjure up some memories. And she does. it or not. Pat begins to remember scenes such as tripping over her mother’s bleeding body, crying for her daddy, and running through the house in a state of shock. Pat is seeing Sam again, and Sam can’t stand Abigail Jennings OR her burly assistant, Toby. Toby doesn’t exactly have a clean record, and Pat’s been
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Stillwatch - Stillwatch Reading is extremely underrated in...

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